Driving School Instructor

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Koch Davis
A driving instructor is responsible for teaching students the rules of the road and the safe way to handle an automobile. A driving education instructor imparts knowledge of defensive driving skills, state driving laws, accident causality & avoidance, and basic traffic courtesy to future drivers. Primary task as a driving instructor is to demonstrate safely operate a motor vehicle. Candidate must first present lessons in the classroom to teach students about driving laws and driver courtesy. The primary job duties include classroom training and training new drivers in the car. Instructors are responsible for scheduling drive appointments and maintaining all regulatory records required by the State of California. Instructors also develop and conduct learning activities and conduct teen driver evaluations and adult skills audits for older drivers.
Candidates must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Experience speaking before groups is a plus. Candidates must be able to accommodate the availability of our students, which means working weekday schedules from 12:00pm to 10:00pm and weekends to be available every Saturday and two Sundays every month. Selected candidate must have an excellent driving record and must take and pass a physical exam for licensing by the state as well as a Department of Justice background check.
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A federation of not for profit member service motor clubs that provides roadside assistance and others services to its members.

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