Coding/Programming/Development/Engineering Lead Instructor $110K+

Frustrated with corporate bureaucracy?
Feeling like an anonymous engineering minion?
Or perhaps you'd rather teach and mentor?
If you have a computer science background, we'd like to hear from you.
Our startup has engineering campuses along the West Coast, expanding to Burbank this month. We are seeking THE Lead Instructor to oversee: campus selection & expansion, 12 week course instruction, and an additional instructor plus one TA.
Our offer will be $110,000.000+ plus equity.
Who we need is an engineer familiar with the full programming stack, with the ability to communicate these ideas to students (teach). We need someone startup minded, who will put their heart and soul into themselves and a company they own a real piece of.
Familiarity with the following a must (mastery not required and we will invest training into your long term success):
HTML5 and CSS3
Twitter Bootstrap, LESS
jQuery, jQuery UI/Mobile
HTTP Request/Response
OOP with PHP
MVC with PHP (CodeIgniter)
Cloud Server Management
Basic JavaScript
Ajax in PHP
Advanced JavaScript
Ruby on Rails
HAML, SASS, CoffeeScript
Ajax in Rails
Rails + Node.js
Test Driven Development
If this sounds interesting to you, please email us your resume at RedpointRecruiting.com or apply here.

Don't Be Fooled

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